MR Consulting

MR Consulting offer consulting within all aspects of MedTech commercialization, from Idea and business potential to identifying the real customers, the value, the segmentation, the legislation, the documentation, launching plan and optimizing growth and revenue throughout the product life cycle.

Our process is characterized by close dialogue with the customer and the customer’s customers, and always focusing on results and budget.

Medtech Marketing

– a business model for medical technologies and medical devices.

“If you are looking for a clear, straightforward, cost-efficient and structured process, this book offers a new MedTech model, that addresses the industry’s challenges by guiding you all the way from idea generation to success in the market, leading to increased revenue, earnings and profit” Niels Ole Andersen, regulatory expert.

"The book is used on different universities and pensum e.g. at CBS: MSc in Innovation in health."